Plan Design

PCA has over 41 years of experience in Retirement Plan Design. We realize that each client is unique and may have varying needs in the manner in which their Qualified Retirement Plan is designed. Our knowledgeable consultants can customize a retirement plan that will meet the goals and objectives of your organization and its participants. These plan design strategies may include :

  • Safe Harbor Plans
  • Age Weighted
  • Permitted Disparity
  • New Comparability

Whether your organization requires a new or restated Plan Document or an amendment to your existing plan, PCA’s dedicated team of legal professionals will diligently follow through to assure you are fully compliant with IRS regulations.

We offer a range of Plan Documents to meet your organizations needs including:

  • Prototype (standardized/non-standardized) Documents
  • Volume Submitter Documents

PCA can provide a fully bundled program or a stand alone plan

Prevailing Wage Retirement Plans and Benefits

If you work on Davis Bacon or Federal Prevailing Wage projects, a Prevailing Wage Retirement Plan, Hour Bank, HRA, or HSA can help you and your employees.

For Individuals

Secure your employees future and help manage continuation of their benefits

  • Employer QNEC contributions create a retirement plan for a secure future
  • Hour Bank Health Programs can secure benefits during cyclical layoff periods
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts, Flexible Benefits, HSAs
  • Tax Deferral and/or tax advantage accounts for long term growth and security

For Businesses

  • Financial Savings for Business Owners
  • Reduce and eliminate FICA, FUTA, SUTA on Prevailing Wage Contributions to your qualified plans