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Pension Corporation of America® (PCA) is committed to providing programs that can help plan sponsors provide their employees with access to financial wellness tools and encourage greater participation in their retirement plans.  As a member of the GRP Advisor Alliance, PCA® in partnership with Financial Finesse provides employees with ongoing financial guidance. Financial Finesse provides an innovative and cost-effective way for advisors to differentiate themselves as they meet the needs of plan sponsors today.

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Financial Stress impacts employers adversely:

  • Delayed Retirement Costs:  Based on data collected, it is estimated employers spend between $10,000 and $50,000 per year for each employee who delays retirement for financial reasons.
  • Increased Health Care Costs:  According to the American Psychological Association, 60% of health costs are impacted by financial stress.
  • Employee Demand for Unbiased Financial Guidance: 84% of employees claim to have some degree of financial stress.

Benefits to Retirement Plans

Financial wellness programs can help improve the health of a retirement plan by increasing deferral rates, reducing loans, and improving the way employees plan and invest for retirement.

Financial Finesse Program Features

Patent-Pending Online Financial Learning Center with Personalized Financial Wellness Assessment: Employees get access to an online platform which provides an assessment of their financial wellness, along with a plan for improving vulnerable areas in their finances.

Workplace Financial Wellness Assessment: Receive a comprehensive analysis to gauge employees' financial wellness and identify key vulnerabilites to address through additional education and advice.

Unlimited Access to Phone-Based Financial Coaching: Unlimited Access to Phone-Base Financial Coaching. Employees have unlimited access to a toll-free number where they can speak with a Financial Finesse Certified Financial Planner™.

Send effective marketing materials: promote the program from launch and beyond.

Financial Wellness programs designed to improve particpant outcomes

Through Financial Finesse's behavioral change model, you can increase employees' preparedness by fostering lasting improvements to their financial habits.

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