Employee Education

Communication is a key factor in developing any 401(k) Plan. At Pension Corporation of America®, we have developed an Employee Education & Communication Program, which will provide the following:

  • A clear understanding of the plan and its benefits
  • A recognition of the value of the company sponsorship
  • An appreciation of the importance to save for retirement
  • A clear understanding and appreciation of an investment program

A high level of participation is the goal of the employee education and communication program. This service accomplishes the goal by educating employees. An informed employee understands the benefits of participating in a tax advantaged, employer-sponsored savings program and will be satisfied with his or her decision to participate. An Employee Education & Communication package will be personally tailored to your company’s needs.

Our Employee Education & Communication Program includes:


  • Group Enrollment Meetings
  • Custom Enrollment Booklets
  • Model Investment Portfolios
  • Custom Presentation
  • Individual One-On-One Enrollment Meetings
  • Personalized Retirement Planning Worksheets


  • Website
  • Automated Voice Response Unit
  • Participant/Employer Newsletters
  • Participant Statements Including General Education
  • Annual Group Education Seminars

A member of our staff will be assigned to your plan and an on-going communications schedule will be established to consistently meet your goals. In addition, your Pension Corporation of America® Plan Representative will be available to assist you as needed.