PCA® Managed Portfolio Solutions

PCA Investment Advisory Services, Inc. offers a great way to simplify your investment portfolio management.

We have partnered with Charles Schwab to deliver a low cost professional advisory solution for individuals. Schwab has over 30 years of experience delivering financial services with financial partners.

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Investment Advisor’s Role and Schwab’s Role

Your Investment Advisor is solely responsible for advising you through the Service, including recommending a Portfolio based on the information you provide and managing your Portfolio on a discretionary basis. Your Investment Advisor has engaged the Platform Provider to provide it with software and support services that your Investment Advisor uses to offer the Service and manage your Portfolio. Your Investment Advisor and the Service are independent of, not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed either by the Custodian, Bank, or Platform Provider.

  • Professional investment selection and asset allocation
  • Low-cost ETF investment management
  • Online investment advice tool supported by PCAIAS
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Flexible distribution options
  • Online reporting
  • Automatic tax loss harvesting for accounts over $50,000
  • $5,000 minimum investment
  • All in costs below 0.65%
  • Financial planning services available
  • Rollover your old 401(k) Account
  • Consolidate your IRA accounts
  • Setup a taxable investment account
  • Investment Options Tailored to Your Needs
  • Access to High Quality Low Cost Investments
  • Risk-based portfolios and rebalancing
  • Help with adjustments as your needs change
  • Help to rollover prior accounts and help with distributions from your new account

Advisory Services Offered Through PCA Investment Advisory Services, Inc.